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Prepared by FFWPU DR Congo On October 15th 2017

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU DR CongoOn October 15th, 2017, we held the “Christian pastors Blessing Ceremony” at the CEMJC (Community evangelical of Messiah Jesus Christ) Church in Kinshasa, DR Congo.Three Christian couples have been reborn through the love and grace of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. The ceremony was filled with grace especially because one couple receiving the Blessing were pastors, so totally four pastors have got Blessing. Other eight pastors as well as other distinguished guests have attended the ceremony.The former president of Family Federation of the Equatorial Guinea, Mopete Nsimba was the MC for the ceremony; New Hope choir offered a beautiful performance, which was followed by the Nzola M. Sire-Albert’s opening prayer.The ceremony was conducted by their spiritual father, the missionary Jung Hyun Park. Offering his grateful heart for the love and grace of True Parents who gave salvation to these new sons and daughters, he pledged for them to fulfill their mission as Tribal Messiah.Then a ceremony was conducted. The national leader of DR Congo, Kadima Mundadi, officiated the ceremony. After the officiators’ entrance with the beautiful, sacred piano music, the Holy Wine and Holy Water Ceremony, the Holy Prayer, the Proclamation of the Holy Marriage and the Indemnity Stick Ceremony have been conducted one by one. A congratulatory address full of grace was given by J. Claude Mikobi, the pastor of the AEC Church and by the founder and archbishop of ENOSI(Eglise Nouvelle Ordre De Salomon International), EAlbert Ndele. The Archbishop Albert Ndele gave a special message on the importance of the Blessing as the only way to salvation. Afterwards, he offered a congratulatory plaque to the missionary, Jung Hyun Park in appreciation for his work.The ceremony ended with a beautiful congratulatory song by New Hope and three cheers of OK Mansei conducted by the missionary Jung Hyun Park.click to see more pictureslast_img read more