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Xbox 720 facing delay expected to use AMD HD7000 GPU

first_imgNintendo is set to launch the Wii U console before 2012 is over, with November 18 being the date everyone expects to be launch day. As for the competition, at least one next-gen console is thought to be launching in 2013. With Sony working on a 10-year console lifecycle, it looks more likely to be Microsoft who jumps first and brings the Xbox 720 to market.However, rumors are abound that Microsoft has September 2013 penciled in as the launch window for the hardware, but it may not be able to hit that anymore. The reason being the processor that will sit at the heart of the next Xbox isn’t being manufactured quickly enough. The yields are so low they apparently make the problems Nvidia had with Fermi GPU production look simple.No processors this year means very limited supplies of development kits, which of course has the knock-on effect of games not being ready in time for launch. And if Microsoft can’t get chip yields to production level soon, then there’s no way it will be producing the thousands of consoles required for a worldwide launch next September.As to what hardware Microsoft has chosen to place inside its next console, all we have to go on are educated guesses and rumors. However, it looks as though AMD is the big winner as Microsoft is thought to have used a multi-core AMD x86 processor and coupled it with a Radeon HD7000-grade GPU. That’s going to be a massive increase in performance over the tri-core PowerPC chip and 500MHz ATI Xenos GPU found in the Xbox 360 Best Price at Amazon . But then that’s not hard when your current hardware is 7 years old.If Microsoft really is facing a serious delay due to chip manufacturing problems, the only good news for them is they haven’t actually announced the next machine yet publicly. Depending on how long the delay turns out to be, it could mean Microsoft is forced to ship early in 2014, but still likely well ahead of the PS4.Read more at SemiAccuratelast_img read more