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EggShaped Robots Teaching Kids English in South Korea

first_imgI’ve had a lot of strange-looking teachers, over the years, but none quite so odd as Engkey. The egg-shaped robot with a human face is teaching English to classes at 21 elementary schools in South Korea’s Daegu.The robots stand around 3.3 feet high. The aforementioned human face–that of a Caucasian woman–is located on a small TV panel. The robots are controlled by be English teachers in the Philippines who are monitoring the kids’ reactions remotely. The teachers’ expressions, meanwhile, are detected by cameras and displayed on the robot teacher’s face.The schools have opted for the robots due to the low cost of hiring Filipino teachers. The ‘bots have apparently been a hit, thus far. “The kids seemed to love it since the robots look, well, cute and interesting. But some adults also expressed interest, saying they may feel less nervous talking to robots than a real person,” school official Kim Mi-Young told the press. “Having robots in the classroom makes the students more active in participating, especially shy ones afraid of speaking out to human teachers.”last_img read more