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Amazon to introduce free Kindle Apps for Android and Windows tablets

first_imgLast year the Kindle App was released for the iPad and it became one of the best free apps to download (appearing in the top ten) proving as, or even more popular than the official iBooks software.With the wealth of tablet devices heading our way this year it seems that Amazon is keen to jump on the bandwagon once more and increase the reach of its Kindle App to these new platforms.AdChoices广告Tailored software will be designed specifically for the latest Android and Windows based tablets so users can access the Kindle Store and download/read books that take advantage of the larger screens/multi-touch functionality. The software will also allow you to buy books on the new platforms and then read them on any other platform as long as they are loaded with the Kindle software.Dorothy Nicholls, Director at Amazon Kindle had this to say about the news:Kindle is light weight, easy on the eyes with a paper-like Pearl e-ink display, and has a full month of battery life. It’s purpose-built for reading. Many people are buying both a Kindle and an LCD tablet computer. We’re very excited to support the upcoming Android and Windows LCD tablet computers with free Kindle apps that we’ll tailor for the particular devices. Our Whispersync technology makes it simple to move back and forth between devices. Read on your Kindle, read on your tablet, read on your phone. We’ll keep track of your last page read, and make it easy. Read more at Engadgetlast_img read more