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Half-time: QPR 1 Wigan 0

first_imgYossi Benayoun’s second goal in as many games put QPR ahead at Loftus Road.He finished off a lovely team move that started with Joey Barton finding Niko Kranjcar on the left.The Croatian in turn threaded through a pass for Tom Carroll, whose pull-back was cleverly back-heeled by Clint Hill into the path of Benayoun, enabling him to score from close range.In-form Wigan responded strongly and R’s keeper Rob Green had to produce four saves to ensure his team led at the break.Green denied James Perch and Nick Powell before keeping out James McClean’s effort after the Wigan man had squirmed away from fellow Irishman Richard Dunne.McClean then saw another shot stopped by Green and it was soon Nedum Onuoha’s turn to save Rangers, the defender throwing himself into a challenge on James McArthur in the box that had to be perfectly timed, and was.At the other end, Kranjcar fired straight at keeper Ali Al-Habsi from 20 yards after being teed up by Bobby Zamora.Wigan remained a threat and McClean had another chance a minute before half-time but dragged his shot wide of the far post.QPR (4-4-1-1): Green; Hughes, Onuoha, Dunne, Hill, Benayoun, Carroll, Barton, Kranjcar; Morrison; Zamora.Subs: Murphy, Simpson, Keane, Yun, Henry, Hoilett, O’Neil.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Serving Up Life on the Rocks with a Twist

first_imgWe’ve heard theories life arose in a primeval soup, around hot deep-sea vents, around volcanoes and other hot spots; why would anyone consider the origin of life in ice?  A scientist in Spain has suggested life may have started in ice.  The title to the Science Daily write-up finds this to be the ultimate divination: “Could Life Have Started In Lump Of Ice?  Very Cold Ice Films In Laboratory Reveal Mysteries Of Universe.”    Julyan Cartwright, a researcher in Spain, has taken beautiful pictures of ice structures.  Colleagues have been impressed.  Beautiful or not, what does ice have to do with life except for sharing two letters of the alphabet?  The article diverged briefly onto a discussion of thin films for industrial applications, then came back to the L-word.  Ice films on dust particles may be abundant in space.  Ice has water, which is necessary for life.  But even more strange, ice can “look” biological.  Shapes that resemble worms and palm leaves can emerge from amorphous ice if it quick-freezes onto rock under certain conditions.    After first cautioning scientists not to conclude from these shapes that they are evidence of life, Cartwright then proposed a connection anyway: On the other hand the existence of lifelike biomimetic structures in ice suggests that nature may well have copied physics.  It is even possible that while ice is too cold to support most life as we know it, it may have provided a suitable internal environment for prebiotic life to have emerged.    “It is clear that biology does use physics,” said Cartwright.  “Indeed, how could it not do?  So we shouldn’t be surprised to see that sometimes biological structures clearly make use of simple physical principles.  Then, going back in time, it seems reasonable to posit that when life first emerged, it would have been using as a container something much simpler than today’s cell membrane, probably some sort of simple vesicle of the sort found in soap bubbles.  This sort of vesicle can be found in abiotic systems today, both in hot conditions, in the chemistry associated with ‘black smokers’ on the sea floor, which is currently favoured as a possible origin of life, but also in the chemistry of sea ice.”The article ended by calling this an “intriguing idea” that the European Science Foundation should explore further.  “This may provide a new twist to the idea that life arrived from space,” it said.  “It may be that the precursors of life came from space, but that the actual carbon based biochemistry of all organisms on Earth evolved on this planet.”We may have to go for “Stupid Evolution Quote of the Day” at this rate.  Look cross-eyed if you have heard anything dumber in the last week from a scientist.  How do we dumb thee?  Let us count the ways.Miracles:  The article uses the emerge-ncy miracle word all over the place.  Give physics “a suitable environment for prebiotic life to have emerged,” and scientists can study “when life first emerged.”Find the ID:  The article said that “nature may well have copied physics.”  And you thought physics was natural.  Apparently not; physics is now the designer, and nature needs to copy it.  In biomimetics, scientists copy life’s designs.  Here, they have turned it inside out: “On the other hand the existence of lifelike biomimetic structures in ice suggests that nature may well have copied physics.”  Check out the self-referential fallacy.Ana-logic:  Shapes in amorphous life looks like worms and palm trees, they tell us.  Well obviously, then, since ice and biology both use physics, the ancestors of palm trees and worms must have emerged from the physical shapes in ice.  This is a non-sequitur wrapped in an analogy.Icy gloss:  To consider vesicles in ice and soap bubbles as containers for prebiotic life is a flamboyant generality that sidesteps the problem of active transport.  Containers, you recall, are death traps to prebiotic molecules unless the happy molecules can be protected and the angry ones kept out (01/17/2002, 04/11/2006). Blind faith:  The article uses could and may seven times.  Is this science?  We have thirty seconds; tell us what you know.Lukewarm ideas:  Vesicles may have formed at hot black smokers, we are told, and they may have formed in ice, too.  Take your pick.  Don’t you remember your physics?  Ice floats.  How is the ice container going to get to the black smoker at the bottom of the sea, or vice versa?  But then, when the ice container touches the hot water, guess what?  Entropy.  If biology uses physics, as you say, this could be a problem.These and other fallacies easily earn this story the SEQOTW prize.  We are told that Cartwright’s fantasies put “a new twist to the idea” that life arrived from space or by some other physical process without design.  It must be a blast being an astrobiologist in Europe.  You get to dance The Twist, play Twister, and sip your Darwine Twister cocktail.  Simultaneously.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

New Volley Cast into the Grand Canyon Age Wars

first_img(Visited 27 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Age estimates for the Grand Canyon by secular geologists differ between 100,000 years to 70 million years.  Who are you going to believe?The latest applecart-upsetting estimate, published in Science by Rebecca. M. Flowers of the University of Colorado and K. A. Farley of Caltech, puts it at 70 million years – 12 times older than what they called the “prevailing view” of 5-6 million years (although another estimate of 17 million was proposed in 2008; see 4/10/2008, and even ages less than a million had been proposed earlier – see 11/30/2007, 7/22/2002, 5/31/2002).  Flowers and Farley based their estimate on helium content of apatite in the western Grand Canyon, an alleged proxy for temperature and exposure to air.  They recognized, though, the “puzzling array of data” that make dating difficult.While Science Daily seemed excited to announce that Grand Canyon is “old as the dinosaurs,”  the AAS news service Science Now says the new estimate is not likely to settle the controversy: “many researchers are skeptical, noting that it’s not clear whether these findings radically change current scenarios of how and when the iconic gorge was carved.”According to Science Now, Flowers realizes that the debate over the age of the canyon has raged for over 150 years: “If history were as simple as the popular view, the canyon’s origins wouldn’t continue to be a topic of hot debate,” she said.  Skeptics counter that the one measurement from apatite helium content “hardly closes the debate on the canyon’s age.”  There’s “a lot of evidence for a young Grand Canyon,” one said (thinking in terms of 6 million years or less).  Another critic who collected the same kind of data a couple of kilometers away and got far younger results calls the 70-million-year date “out in left field.”  The 2008 estimate of 17 million based on speleothems is also controversial.Becky Oskin at Live Science focused on the controversy, admitting that from the rim the canyon “looks young” (still assuming a few million years).  She quoted geologist Richard Young:“It really looks like they’re onto something, but it’s hard to make sense out of it,” said Young, a professor at the State University of New York in Geneseo. “It’s really good work and it’s really interesting, so obviously there’s something we’re missing in the story. I’m sure we’re going to be talking about it forever,” he said.Science Daily, though, echoing the U Colorado press release featuring home girl Rebecca Flowers, made the new (old) date look as good as possible.  Even so, the press release recognized the controversy, and hinted that Flowers might be partly right:Flowers said there is significant controversy among scientists over the age and evolution of the Grand Canyon.  A variety of data suggest that the Grand Canyon had a complicated history, and the entire modern canyon may not have been carved all at the same time. Different canyon segments may have evolved separately before coalescing into what visitors see today.Even so, there’s a huge time difference between 70 million and even 17 million years – a period during which mass extinctions and the rise of the Rocky Mountains are said to have occurred.  “I expect that our interpretation that the Grand Canyon formed some 70 million years ago is going to generate a fair amount of controversy, and I hope it will motivate more research to help solve this problem,” Flowers said, hinting that her study with Farley was almost intentionally put out as a challenge.New Scientist went over the top in its headline, “Dinosaurs might have once gazed into the Grand Canyon.”  Then again, they might not have.  Or, they might have just a few thousand years ago, if the creationists are right.  Reporter Joanna Carver appealed to readers’ imaginations: “Picture the scene. It’s late in the Cretaceous period, 70 million years ago. A group of dinosaurs have gathered at the rim of what will become known as the Grand Canyon. They’re gawping over the edge, just as humans will in millennia to come,” she limned. “That might not be complete fantasy.”  Then again, it might.This is why you should treat dates from geologists with a huge serving of laughing gas.  The colossal extremes of their estimates for this most famous earth feature clearly shows that they do not know what they are talking about.  They are the blind men and the elephant, looking at a tail and calling the elephant a rope, or looking at the tusk and calling the elephant a spear.  These same geologists consistently ignore evidence for a very recent, catastrophic carving of the canyon.There are two separate dating problems with Grand Canyon: the date the sediments were laid down, and the date the canyon was carved.  Creation geologists have given ample evidence why the canyon and its sediments are far younger than secular estimates.  Examples include the vast extent of strata, their flatness, the lack of fault lines extending part way up, entire epochs missing between strata with no sign of erosion, soft-sediment deformation extending through multiple sequences, and more (see 6/24/2009 commentary).  Why are these evidences completely ignored in the dating game?  Answer: they give young ages that support a catastrophic global flood.  Geologists shudder to give aid and comfort to creationists.Even if you are not ready to entertain a drastic reduction in the age of the earth, it’s enough for now to recognize from these articles that secular geologists are clueless about the age of the Grand Canyon.  Actually, they have clues, but are clueless about reading them.  Why trust what they conclude, when one of them said he’s sure they’ll be talking about this forever?  Do they deserve that kind of job security?last_img read more

eBoot 20 Pcs No Crease Elastic Ribbon Hair Ties Ponytail Holders : Quite a nice pony tail pack

first_imgFashionable and cute ribbon hair ties, great for casual tying. Review from wifey”these ribbon elastic hair ties are very popular these days. I’ve been using a specific brand of hair band ties for a decade because my hair is so thick and literally breaks and ruins any other weaker hair band. I decided to try these hair ties because they look cute and fashionable and i felt like i needed to keep up with the times. These hair ties come in a variety of bright solid colours, cute patterns, and glitter. I was pretty excited to try them. What i didn’t like so much was that the patterned hair ties are only printed on the front side and the back side is blank, so when i tie my hair up, the white sometimes shows up when the hair tie gets twisted around. An improvement would be to make sure both sides of the ties are printed. Each hair tie measures about 3” in length and 0. The material is smooth so it doesn’t catch or pull out your hair. When not in use, these hair ties also look cute around your wrist. Now about the performance of these ribbon hair ties—due to the smooth material, i have to tie them extremely tightly so they don’t slip down my hair. Because i have thick hair, i also go through these hair ties pretty quickly because they get stretched out quickly. Ultimately, these hair ties are completely functional and they look great. This is a handy pack of hair ties that come in 20 different colours to match every outfit. My daughter often has her hair up, however, i worry that some of the hair bobbles i use are quite harsh on her delicate hair and they can pull and break it. They do not pull at her hair or break it at all. They are very gentle to use, however, stay in well. I have found i need to redo her hair at times when she has been particularly active, however, on the whole they stay in well. They seem to be of a decent quality and i think they should last a while. I think they are good value for money and can see us using them a lot. I received these hair ties free of charge in return for our honest review. Great quality and very fashionable. These type of hair bands are very fashionable at present and it was nice to receive a good selection of colours. Unlike plain elasiciated bands, these bands are a stretchy fabric which prevents damage to your hair. Easy to hold hair in place (very secure), looks great and with a large quantity of hair bands i will never run out or have to worry about losing any. The fabric is securely sewn and appears to be good quality, i have used one hair band for a week and usually elasicated bands tend to snap by now but the one band has lasted and still looks new and the fabric hasn’t flawed. I sometimes like to wear my hair bands on my wrist, to allow me to put my hair in a ponytail when i so choose, the hair bands are brilliant for passing as bracelet. Overall great quality, keeps hair very secure and is very fashionable. Quite a nice pony tail pack. This is a nice pack of 20 hair ties, they are an elastic ribbon material and are quite stretchy, there is a variety of colours, some are sparkly ad some have lace. There is also a leopard skin and a polka dot one. They are simply wound round the pony tail and fastened. My great granddaughter is only 2. 5 years but desperately wants a pony tail like her mummy. Her hair is too short and fine yet. We pacified her by putting one on her wrist as a bracelet and it looked really pretty. My granddaughters liked them very much and after wearing one all day one of them reported no kinking of her hair. The lace was only on 2 or 3 but we found it difficult to get it to lie properly. Great selection of 20 elasticated ribbons for ponytailsSimple, cheap and useful. Please your wifew or GF and get her these.Fashionable and Cute Ribbon Hair Ties, Great for Casual TyingQuite a nice pony tail packA fantastic collection of elastic ponytail ribbons for the perfect hairstyle.Great quality and very fashionableeBoot 20 Pcs No Crease Elastic Ribbon Hair Ties Ponytail Holders, Mixed Colors A fantastic collection of elastic ponytail ribbons for the perfect hairstyle. . For a ten year old my daughter is quite big on fashion and looking good (obviously within limits). She also spends a lot of time on her hair, trying out various hair styles that she sees either on tv or on the head of my son’s eighteen year old girlfriend. One of my daughters pet hates are the current (and in her opinion poor) selection of ponytail holders available in our ‘neck of the woods’ namely west wales. I have bought her scrunches that unravel, ‘ugly’ elastic ties that snap and ribbon ties that refuse to hold up her hair for longer that about thirty seconds. Then i received this pack of elastic ponytail ribbons from eboot in stunning colours and patterns, this particular pack consists of twenty elastic ribbons in a wonderful array of designs and colours including bright satins, sparkly golds and silvers, leopard, hearts and lacy (every one is different). These ties are made from soft and stretchy material tied with a knot. The stitching looks strong and the seams well finished. They are reasonably priced and certainly worth the cost for stopping the rows before school, when my daughter cannot get her hair ‘just right’. These elastic ponytail ribbonss are absolutely fantastic, they look beautiful, they are extremely fashionable and most of all they do exactly what they are supposed to do … hold my daughters thick hair in any of the styles that she wants. Please your wifew or gf and get her these. . Such a simple little item but one that gave my wife so much please when i showed them to her, because she is a real girly girl and loves to use ribbons in her hair or on her belts or anywhere she thinks she can get away with using them. They’re the sort of thing men never think to buy but which women have loads of because they’re cheap to purchase and last for years. These have lovely designs, including glitter, shiny stuff, lace and just plain or patterned material. They are stretchy as well but not to the extent that they’ll pull someone’s hair out, they’re easy to slip over a ponytail or pigtail. I’ve put a few pictures below to show the assortment i received and also how they stretch – obviously i’m just using my fingers to do the stretching in the picture, that should give you an idea how easy it is as well as how far they (reasonably) stretch open. I received these free in exchange for an honest review and being honest i think they’re lovely wee things which you can buy for a pittance. Nor does it hang down nicely. . I’m only giving these a 4star rating because the lace is in a loop which cannot be tied around the hair, nor does it hang down nicely. Good selection, but they stretch and loose elasticity pretty fast. Great fir kids, these hair ties don’t catch or snag in the hair. They come in a variety of colours and styles that any young girl would be overjoyed with. My only problem is there is only one of each, i would prefer 2 of each as my niece likes to wear pigtails and likes to match.So i would like less choice but two of each. Great selection of 20 elasticated ribbons for ponytails. This is a great selection of 20 elasticated ribbons with a tie/knot at the end. Each one is a different colour and a few of them have a layer of white lace as well. I like all of the designs and will wear them all. I have long hair that i usually tie up in a ponytail but i have noticed that the regular elastic black ties that i use have started to break the underside of my hair from excessive use. These ribbons will be more gentle on my hair. I have one in my hair as i type and it wraps around my ponytail twice. I have thick hair so you could possibly also wound it around your hair 3 times. There is no way this can break or damage your hair which is ideal. It would look particularly cute on a young girl child but really suitable for anyone who has long hair.last_img read more

What Is and Is Not Urgent

first_imgIt is unlikely that the message in the last email you read was urgent. Only a tiny percentage of your email requires your immediate attention. Most are not urgent, and many are not even important.It is even less likely that the last web page you browsed had information that you needed to know. Regardless of the information you found, it probably wasn’t significant enough to deserve your attention at that moment.The funny, entertaining, or political Facebook post you slowed down to view had nothing of real value or substance to offer you. It likely either confirmed your political opinions or reminded you that some people have very different ideas when it comes to politics. It wasn’t urgent that you receive the message, whatever it may have been. It is likely that it was entertaining, though.The constant drip of information in all its forms is designed to make you feel like it deserves your immediate attention. If your inbox isn’t open at all times, how will you know when you receive an email? If you don’t check the websites you regularly follow, how will you know when something new and exciting is posted? And if you’re not glued to the social media platforms, well then you aren’t very social, are you?None of these things are urgent. Here is what is urgent.UrgentIf you don’t pick up the phone and call your prospective clients now, you will not schedule the appointments that eventually result in new opportunities being created. The work that you fail to do with urgency today won’t hurt you today, but it will hurt you four weeks, or four months, or one year from now. Eventually, it will hurt you.If you don’t nurture your coldest dream clients, the most strategic, high visibility, high-value customers now, they will not know you when they have a compelling reason to change. The longer you wait to begin developing those relationships, the worse it is for you. If you don’t nurture those accounts today, with urgency, you will pay a high price later.If you don’t follow-up on every opportunity now, your neglect will indicate a lack of interest in truly serving your prospective clients. They’re not going to call you to tell you that they recognize your lack of interest. But a year from now, when you finally get around to following up, you’ll find out that they are working with your competitor.Much of what we do each has zero urgency. It’s mostly distractions. There is no price to pay for ignoring these things.What doesn’t feel urgent needs to be done with a greater sense of urgency, because the cost of not taking action now is immense.Responding to an email in a few hours is not going to cause you very much trouble. Not prospecting is going to cost you big time.last_img read more