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Mojangs Scrolls releases today Where when and how to get it Updated

first_imgAfter Mojang took the world by storm with the mine-and-craft-em-up, Minecraft, the gaming world wondered whether or not the company could achieve even half of that success with a new game, or if the team wasn’t simply a one-hit wonder. Mojang’s second game developed in-house, Scrolls, is finally releasing, and hopes to capture the gamers’ hearts, minds, and paychecks just like Minecraft did a few years ago.Mojang’s digital CCG (collectible card game) was supposed to release earlier today, but as of yet has not been made available for purchase. Fear not, for all will be well soon enough.Scrolls is being launched as a beta, with a similar payment model Minecraft used during its beta. For $20, you’ll nab yourself the game, as well as any future updates for free, forever. To kneel before Mojang and hoist your open wallet in its direction, head on over to the Scrolls purchase page. As of this article’s writing, though, you’ll be greeted with a message that states the store has not yet opened. So, make sure to frantically check back every few seconds or so until the store opens so you can begin making a deck full of common and uncommon weenies that never seems to lose.If you’re familiar with the digital CCG scene — which appears to be most prevalent on mobile platforms — you’ll be relieved to know that Scrolls doesn’t appear to use an energy mechanic that limits your actions, and every card is available for in-game currency. Though if you don’t have the time for that, cards can also be purchased for real money. Cards are also tradable, so if you get unfortunate pulls, you might be able to swing that into something you could use.About an hour ago, users involved in the closed alpha of the game said the servers went down, so Mojang is most likely preparing the store and readying the servers for a storm of new beta users.Update – 11:39am: Scrolls.com is still rather screwed up. Right now the site has two “Buy Scrolls” buttons, one of which links to the Game page and the other which rolls over to About, but links to Buy. So, no, you still can’t buy Scrolls.Update – 2:25pm: You can now successfully purchase Scrolls, but it might be a bit of a pain. I managed to buy it, but couldn’t load the store outright from Scrolls.com. First, I had to log into my Mojang account through Mojang.com, then once I was successfully logged in, I navigated over to the Buy Scrolls section of the Scrolls site, where the store finally loaded and I was able to purchase the game. If that’s too much of a hassle, it’s likely that the site is experiencing a mix of growing pains and an avalanche of traffic, so the issues should clear up later in the day.Now read: Notch challenges Bethesda to Quake 3 battle for use of Scrolls namelast_img read more