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Retailers say The Last of Us launch delayed 6 weeks to June

first_imgThe Last of Us is one of the most highly anticipated releases for the PlayStation 3 this year, and probably one of the last big titles to hit the market before Sony roles out the PS4. We had to wait until December last year to find out the game’s release date, which was set as May 7. But now it seems gamers will have to endure a 6 week delay.There’s been no official confirmation of the delay from either Sony or developer Naughty Dog. However, GameStop is listing both the Standard and Survival Edition as launching on June 18. For some reason the $160 Post-Pandemic Edition still carries the May 7 release date.One store changing the release date may not be enough to convince everyone this is happening, but apparently there is also an email being sent out by Best Buy informing anyone who pre-ordered the game of the launch delay. So it seems we are just waiting for the official stamp from Sony that we won’t be seeing the game in May.We’ve already had Rockstar apologize by announcing GTA V is arriving in September and not in Spring as originally advertised. That was due to the game being massively ambitious and complex meaning the team needed more time to get it ready. The Last of Us isn’t going to be anywhere near as complex as a GTA title, but if Naughty Dog needs 6 weeks to add a final coat of polish to the game, I’m happy they are taking it.last_img read more