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Castillejo: “In San Siro you feel football: I want to stay here”

first_imgSamu Castillejo (Málaga, January 18, 1995) tells AS these weeks of quarantine and his desire to return to the green. The former Villarreal is already an untouchable in Milan: in 2020, according to ‘WhoScored’, he is the player with the most key passes (31) in the top leagues in Europe.– Samu, how is the quarantine living?– Well, doing what you can at home. We alternate one day of training by video call to another with the aerobic work they send us.– How are you physically?– Right now much more tired when I do aerobic or strength work. It shows that you have not seen a field for many days. If the championship resumes, we will need a little time to get ready.– The COVID-19 touched him closely with the infections of Paolo and Daniel Maldini.– Yes, I discussed it with Dani. Paolo was worse, but they managed the disease well and luckily they are already cured. When the virus approaches you like this, you are truly afraid.– They are weeks of solidarity gestures: the news of the 3,000 masks that he donated to the Civil Guard, the National Police and the Quirón hospital in Malaga came out.– It is a detail for my people, for Malaga. Since the pandemic started I have been thinking about how to help. I heard that masks were missing there and I wanted to contribute my grain of sand.– After a year and a half with little space, before the break he had been untouchable for Pioli for months.– Those who know me know how hard I am, beyond the appearance I can give for my hair or my tattoos, I am a very humble boy. The first year was adaptive, it is difficult to show what one has playing 15 minutes and a starting game every two or three weeks. Change is always born when they put you to play, beyond the systems. If there is confidence and they make you feel important, you enter a good climate with yourself.– There were many rumors about a goodbye to Milan …– But I always wanted to succeed here, I want to stay in this club for a long time. The truth is that 2020 had started well: I have played every game and at a good level. I hope it continues like this.– In this winter they lived the arrival of Ibrahimovic. – It was great. He is a very humble guy …– Zlatan is humble?– Yes, yes (laughs). Let’s see, he is a boy who gets along with all his classmates, outside the field he is very joker and nice. During games he knows how to give advice, you can tell he came to help us: sharing the dressing room and the field with him makes you learn a lot.– Was expected the great impact that Theo had in Serie A?– In Spain he had shown his potential at Alavés, then with his age, gaining space at Madrid is not easy. Every player needs confidence and space. So now Theo is showing all his talent, which is a lot.– In January he had to separate from Pepe Reina. I imagine that in the locker room you are missing …– He has behaved like an older brother to me. He is a guy with whom you laugh 24 hours, everything he can say is little for the person he is. Any team in this world needs one like it. He is an exceptional goalkeeper: I have seen him work alongside another great goalkeeper like Donnarumma, and in his role he is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Interpret the game like no other.– What has been the greatest difficulty in adapting to Calcium?– It is true that in LaLiga everything is much more technical, it is played more, while here the teams defend better, they work more on the tactics. It is not a topic.– And the most beautiful moment since your arrival in Milan?– My debut. I will never forget the emotion of the first minutes in San Siro. That stadium makes you see what football is, you feel its history. I wish any footballer ever experience it. For me it is fortunate to enjoy it and I hope to continue doing so.– What do you miss most about Spain?– Well, obviously you miss the family, speaking your language … Your land is your land, but here I feel very comfortable, as one more. I learned the language pretty quickly and people treat me very lovingly.– How eager do you have to compete again?– Soccer is my passion, it is what I like to do: I miss it and I want to start. I hope that the situation improves, which is the most important thing right now, and that there are conditions to play again.last_img read more