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Netflix ranks top American ISPs according to Watch Instantly streaming

first_imgNetflix is one of the biggest hogs of bandwidth in America right now, sucking up as much as 25% of all peak internet bandwidth thanks to its Watch Instantly streaming video service.Here’s a question, though? How does your ISP stack up when it comes to serving you up Netflix content quickly? Curious about the same thing, Netflix has just released their own findings on how fast they can deliver HD streams to customers of each US and Canadian ISP.AdChoices广告First, here’s how Netflix’s streaming video works. When you start streaming movies, Netflix starts by trying to send you the video at 4800 kilobits per second by the time the movie is actually up and running. Of course, because your computer or STB doesn’t always have the same speedy connection, the chart above is an average, as Netflix explains:As we use a number of CDNs, and our clients can adapt to changing network conditions by selecting the network path that’s currently giving them the best throughput, Netflix streaming performance ends up being an interesting way to measure sustained throughput available from a given ISP over time, and therefore the quality of Netflix streaming that ISP is providing to our subscribers. Obviously, this can vary by network technology (e.g. DSL, Cable), region, etc., but it’s a great high-level view of Netflix performance across a large number of individual streaming sessions. So who is the best American ISP? Charter, at least for Netflix. AT&T and Verizon are squarely in the middle. Dead last? Cablewire. If you use a lot of Netflix and are looking to change your providers, make your decision accordingly!Read more at Netflixlast_img read more