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Velimir Šonje, Archival Analytics: Croatia has too few hotels and that is the key reason for the low level of added value

first_imgTourism is one of the few economic sectors in Croatia with significant potential for attracting new investments, employment and wage growth, as well as increasing Croatia’s competitiveness in the global market, but a prerequisite for activating this potential is ensuring a more favorable business environment that will attract investors.  That is the conclusion of the analysis. “The contribution of different types of tourist accommodation to added value and economic development”Which he made Velimir Šonje from Archival Analytics and presented at the Tourist Briefing organized by the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT). In the structure of the domestic tourist offer, hotel accommodation accounts for only 16 percent of the total number of beds, and in this segment 40 percent of the total added value in tourism is created.  Attachment: As shown at the Tourist Briefing, Croatia today has an added value per employee in hotel tourism of about 35 thousand euros, and the most competitive tourist countries such as Italy, France and Spain realize about 50 thousand per employee. “Croatian tourism with the current structure of the offer is vulnerable and unsustainable. If we want to remain relevant on the global tourist map, we must necessarily raise the quality of the overall offer because Croatia can only compete with quality. Croatian hotel companies therefore invest significantly more than the average, but the current environment and low profitability in the hotel industry do not allow the launch of a new wave of investment. In this context, we see the announced reduction of VAT to 13 percent on a part of tourist services as a “fire measure”. It is necessary for the Government to continue bravely because we are still uncompetitive with investors. The average VAT on tourism in the Mediterranean is 10 percent and until we catch that average we will not be of interest to the biggest investors. In addition, we need to remove as actively as possible other obstacles to the investments of tourism companies, which we continuously point out”, said Veljko Ostojic, director of the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT). To jump in productivity, taxes and barriers to investment need to be reduced   Source: Croatian Tourism Association / Photo: Borna Filic / PIXSELL Despite the highest tax burden in the Mediterranean, Croatian hotel companies invest significantly more than the Mediterranean average, HUT points out. The rate of investment in domestic hotel companies measured as a percentage of gross value added is a high 56,4% (2017), which is almost 4 times more than in Greece and Italy and almost twice as much as in France.center_img As the mentioned analysis showed, hotel accommodation, which makes only 16 percent of the total accommodation offer, currently has about 3,7 times higher value added per bed compared to accommodation in real estate for short-term tourist rental, which currently makes 60 percent of the total offer. Therefore, the launch of a new investment cycle in hotels is a prerequisite for the next phase of development of Croatian tourism. Croatia has by far the lowest share of hotel beds in the total offer among relevant tourist European countries, and only a comparable high percentage of beds in real estate for short-term tourist rental has Montenegro. It is a suboptimal structure that does not allow for maximum economic effect and endangers the sustainability of tourism, the analysis points out. “Croatia not only lacks small hotels, but it generally lacks hotels as well as larger, specialized hotel companies, and hotels of higher categories and branded hotels ” Šonje points out and concludes that the current pace of investment does not guarantee the repositioning and restructuring of Croatian tourism on the tourist map of the Mediterranean, especially given the lack of investment in quality hotel facilities. “Croatia has too few hotels compared to tourism-relevant European countries and this is a key reason for the low level of added value created in tourism. Croatian tourism is not a homogeneous activity, on the one hand we have a huge share of real estate for short-term tourist rent that creates low added value, and on the other hand we have a serious tourism business that invests, develops destinations and tries to keep pace with growing competition in the Mediterranean. Croatia is now at a turning point. A new investment cycle and an increase in the added value of the offer can only be achieved by strongly encouraging investment in new higher-level capacities that will enable the development of a modern offer and ensure the sustainability of Croatian tourism.”, said Velimir Šonje from Arhivanalitika.  According to Šonje, this jump in productivity of about 40 percent in Croatia can be achieved in a relatively short period of a decade, but the precondition is to significantly increase the attractiveness of investing in tourism, especially in high-quality hotel facilities, which is the goal. subordinate the tourism strategy for the coming period.  The whole analysis ”The contribution of different types of tourist accommodation to added value and economic development”Which was made by Velimir Šonje from Arhivanalitika for the needs of HUT, read in the attachment  Veljko Ostojic, HUT / Photo: Borna Filic / PIXSELL The contribution of different types of tourist accommodation to added value and economic developmentlast_img read more

Ghana beat Cape Verde in international friendly

first_imgThe Black Stars of Ghana beat Cape Verde 1-0 in an International Friendly match played in Portugal, Wednesday.A screamer of a shot in the second half strike by Mubarak Wakasu capped a superb team performance by the Black Stars and handed a major boost to the Stars’ preparations for the 2013 Nations Cup.Derek Boateng led the team in the first half and put in a commanding performance but the Stars were lackadaisical up front.The Cape Verdians were not overawed as they asked questions of the Ghanaian defence but Lee Addy and Jerry Akaminko were impregnable.In the second half, Anthony Annan and Christian Atsu were introduced into the game and they did not disappoint.The game was fluid with lots of chances created and missed at will especially by the Stars. 1-0 it ended in favour of the Stars.last_img read more

West Indian great Michael Holding calls for change in Jasprit Bumrah’s action

first_imgAdvertisement c01NBA Finals | Brooklyn VsbwfWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Euv( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 76pWould you ever consider trying this?😱yghqCan your students do this? 🌚6h2zjkRoller skating! Powered by Firework Legendary West Indian pacer Michael Holding believes that the amount of cricket being played these days, is not favourable for the fast bowlers to stay fit regularly. His statement comes after Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah was ruled out of the ongoing Test series against South Africa due to a stress fracture in his lower back.Advertisement “Let me start by repeating what I have been saying for the last decade: There is too much cricket being played in the modern era and all cricketers are suffering because of that,” said Holding in an interview.Advertisement The 25-year-old Bumrah, is the spearhead of India’s bowling attack and has taken 62 wickets at an average of 19.24 in 12 overseas Tests. The seamer who is yet to play the longest format of the game at home, was in slight discomfort after the first Test against West Indies in Antigua. But he played the second Test only because of his terrific form and Holding feels that a change in his action could serve Bumrah in the long run.“I wouldn’t be able to say that Bumrah’s action has caused him to have stress fractures as I have no idea where those stress fractures have occurred, but what I know and have said to him is this: If he wants to have a long career, he needs to have a run-up and action that puts a bit less stress on his body overall,” Holding said.Advertisement “Using such a short run and being so explosive at the crease puts a lot more stress on his body than, say, a Joffra Archer, who has such a smooth rhythmical run-up and action that allows him to distribute the workload over his body more efficiently,” he added. Advertisementlast_img read more

The Left Has Enslaved Science

first_img(Visited 45 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Big Science is leftism’s pet, and the sexual revolutionaries keep it on a choke chain.Look at the fawning title of an editorial on New Scientist: “Science is catching up with society on transgender issues.”This is not speaking truth to power. It is the Stockholm Syndrome.Like the Senator running to the front of the crowd to tell them he is their leader, New Scientist has sensed which way the winds of leftism are blowing and has hoisted its sails. “Society has made great leaps in its acceptance of transgender people,” the subtitle reads. “Science has a big part to play in keeping the momentum going.”Is that science’s job?The truth is, Big Science (the institutions and their media outlets) have become willing co-conspirators with the Sexual Revolution, part of the Left’s greater revolutionary goals. If you doubt it, look what happened to two researchers who dared question the wisdom of letting children pick their own gender. On his daily podcast The Briefing for Oct. 11, Albert Mohler described the “public shaming” and “thought coercion” that took place when two researchers from Johns Hopkins, Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh, rather timidly offered evidence in The New Atlantis that didn’t promote the current orthodoxy regarding transgender rights. It pointed out that most young children grow out of transgender feelings, and warned of psychological harm to children pressured into sex change operations.That didn’t sit well with the LGBT activists. Next came “a round of criticism that was meant to shut down the conversation,” Mohler says. In a sense, the moral revolutionaries yanked the choke chain via the Human Rights Campaign, a leading LGBT advocacy group, pressuring Johns Hopkins to disavow Mayer and McHugh for their “report” (scare quotes theirs) or else face a very public lowering of the hospital’s score on their “Health Care Equality Index.” (This index is, essentially, a measure of how closely a hospital toes the line on so-called transgender rights.) In a manner reminiscent of Marxist tactics in the former Soviet Union, the two professors were to be exposed, shamed and brought into conformance with the party line. Mayer writes in the Preface that he sensed this was coming:In the course of writing this report, I consulted a number of individuals who asked that I not thank them by name. Some feared an angry response from the more militant elements of the LGBT community; others feared an angry response from the more strident elements of religiously conservative communities. Most bothersome, however, is that some feared reprisals from their own universities for engaging such controversial topics, regardless of the report’s content — a sad statement about academic freedom.Mohler says that New Atlantis issued a lengthy report in response to the criticism. It is not clear if that report is Mayer’s Preface or the editor’s video clip embedded in the Preface. Both go out of their way to say the science is not settled, and that nothing was intended to disrespect those in the LGBT community. After justifying his scientific credentials, Mayer himself goes on to say, “I dedicate my work on this report, first, to the LGBT community, which bears a disproportionate rate of mental health problems compared to the population as a whole. We must find ways to relieve their suffering.”Update 10/13/16: On FRC’s Washington Watch for 10/13/16, Adam Keiper from The New Atlantis described the Human Rights Campaign’s blatant attempt at squelching academic freedom. They not only tried to intimidate Johns Hopkins, they got their facts wrong about the report.Big Science occasionally will “worry” about ethics in some of the radical trends; Nature recently wrote, “‘Three-parent baby’ claim raises hopes — and ethical concerns.” The worries are usually short-lived as culture drags science along, like a puppy dog on a leash, into the Brave New World.Wesley J. Smith, a bioethicist, often writes on Evolution News & Views about the linkage between science and the cultural Left, showing how scientific institutions routinely trot along with the Left’s radical goals like trained puppies on a leash. One can only imagine the consequences if any scientific journal or university published views of conservatives.This is what has happened to science, that once-noble hope of following the evidence where it leads. Many individual scientists do great work. They don’t necessarily feel good about what is happening. Their institutions, however—aided by the media—have become obsequious, compliant lapdogs of the Left, useful idiots doing their bidding.last_img read more

VanTilburg named 2016 Certified Crop Adviser of the Year

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Matthew VanTilburg of Celina has been named the 2016 Certified Crop Adviser of the Year by the Ohio Certified Crop Adviser Board, and will receive a cash award of $1,500, provided by the Ohio Association of Independent Crop Consultants. He is owner and sales manager at VanTilburg Farms, Inc.The award recognizes individuals who are highly motivated, deliver exceptional customer service for farmer clients in nutrient management, soil and water management, integrated pest management and crop production, and have contributed substantially to the exchange of ideas and transfer of agronomic knowledge within the agricultural industry in Ohio.VanTilburg uses his 22 years of crop advising experience to provide services in nutrient management planning, weed management recommendations, soil sampling, scouting, seed recommendations, variable rate planning, harvest data management, cover crops and more.He is active in his community, serving on his local 4-H advisory committee, Pheasants Forever, Wright State Lake Campus Ag Advisory Committee and the Ohio No-Till Council, among others.“As a public speaker, community leader, mentor and agricultural advocate, Matt is an asset to the community who possesses many skills and qualities that set him apart from those in his field,” said Holly Wuebker, a peer and co-worker who nominated VanTilburg for the award. “He is always looking for new ways to enhance the agricultural field and utilize applications that will benefit customers and those in surrounding communities and beyond, as he has traveled to different states educating many on proper tillage, cover crop and farming practices,” she said. “For these and many more reasons, he should be recognized for his many years of experience and expertise, and especially his positive contributions to the agriculture community and assisting fellow Certified Crop Advisers.”For more information about the Certified Crop Adviser Program, visit oaba.net/cca.last_img read more

What Your Digital Surrogate Sells

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now You research your prospective clients before you call them. You research them before you actually make a sales call, too (right?). You try to learn as much as you can about them so you’re prepared when you finally with them. And there’s a lot of information available. You learn a lot.But that doesn’t mean that you are the only one doing their research in front of a sales opportunity. You are looking at your prospective client, and they are looking back. You Google them. They Google you. You check out their LinkedIn profile. They check out your LinkedIn profile.What do you want your prospective clients to find? What do you want your digital surrogate to sell them?Selling the Fact That You Are a Value CreatorYou want your digital surrogate to sell the fact that you are a value creator. You want your dream client to find a long trail demonstrating that you are a person with deep knowledge, good ideas, and the ability to help.Your digital surrogate needs to point to information and ideas that show you have that knowledge and that you know how to find good ideas. The knowledge you have can be your knowledge and the combined knowledge of all the people that work in your company. The ideas can be your ideas, as well as other people’s great ideas. Knowing where to find good ideas is a valuable skill your digital surrogate needs to possess.Your dream clients are looking for proof that you are a good investment of their time.Selling That You Can Help Produce ResultsYou also want your digital surrogate to sell the fact that you can help and that you can be trusted to deliver results. Your digital surrogate can be surrounded by references and testimonials from your past and present clients.Your LinkedIn profile is a great place for your digital surrogate to build the fact that you can be trusted to produce results. Your personal website and your company websites are also good places for your digital surrogate to sell your ability to help. Digital You can point to your ability to produce those results without being offensive and without being “me” oriented.Your dream clients want to see that you are serious about business.No, You Aren’t a Secret AgentToo many salespeople don’t have a digital surrogate at all. When a prospective client goes to look at them, they find nothing that speaks to the salesperson’s ability to create value or that they produce results. Instead they find incomplete profiles, some pitch from marketing about what the company does, and nothing personal enough to believe that the person behind the profile is in any way human.You may not be interested in social media, but social media is interested in you. You may think that it’s unfair for your prospective clients to judge you because you don’t have a presence on the social web, but they’re going to judge you nonetheless.You may not want a digital surrogate, but that choice is no longer up to you. If you’re going to succeed in sales, you are going to have to adopt the tools of the trade. These tools aren’t a substitute for the tools that came before them; they’re an addition to those tools. And just like you can’t opt out of using the telephone, you can’t opt out of using a digital surrogate.QuestionsDo you have a digital surrogate?What does your digital surrogates sell?How does your digital surrogate prove that you are a value creator and not a time waster?How does your digital surrogate prove that you produce results?If you’ve tried to opt out up until this point, what has to change for you to finally adopt some of the new tools of the trade?last_img read more

What Is and Is Not Urgent

first_imgIt is unlikely that the message in the last email you read was urgent. Only a tiny percentage of your email requires your immediate attention. Most are not urgent, and many are not even important.It is even less likely that the last web page you browsed had information that you needed to know. Regardless of the information you found, it probably wasn’t significant enough to deserve your attention at that moment.The funny, entertaining, or political Facebook post you slowed down to view had nothing of real value or substance to offer you. It likely either confirmed your political opinions or reminded you that some people have very different ideas when it comes to politics. It wasn’t urgent that you receive the message, whatever it may have been. It is likely that it was entertaining, though.The constant drip of information in all its forms is designed to make you feel like it deserves your immediate attention. If your inbox isn’t open at all times, how will you know when you receive an email? If you don’t check the websites you regularly follow, how will you know when something new and exciting is posted? And if you’re not glued to the social media platforms, well then you aren’t very social, are you?None of these things are urgent. Here is what is urgent.UrgentIf you don’t pick up the phone and call your prospective clients now, you will not schedule the appointments that eventually result in new opportunities being created. The work that you fail to do with urgency today won’t hurt you today, but it will hurt you four weeks, or four months, or one year from now. Eventually, it will hurt you.If you don’t nurture your coldest dream clients, the most strategic, high visibility, high-value customers now, they will not know you when they have a compelling reason to change. The longer you wait to begin developing those relationships, the worse it is for you. If you don’t nurture those accounts today, with urgency, you will pay a high price later.If you don’t follow-up on every opportunity now, your neglect will indicate a lack of interest in truly serving your prospective clients. They’re not going to call you to tell you that they recognize your lack of interest. But a year from now, when you finally get around to following up, you’ll find out that they are working with your competitor.Much of what we do each has zero urgency. It’s mostly distractions. There is no price to pay for ignoring these things.What doesn’t feel urgent needs to be done with a greater sense of urgency, because the cost of not taking action now is immense.Responding to an email in a few hours is not going to cause you very much trouble. Not prospecting is going to cost you big time.last_img read more