Keble hall manager bows out

first_imgWell known around college for his unchanging  attire of bowtie and waistcoat, McHugh was given a fond farewell by Keble students in the college’s inaugural Summer Hall. James Newton, the then JCR President, presented him with a framed bowtie and waistcoat as a token of the JCR’s appreciation.The dress code for the evening was ‘smart with a hint of Gerard’,  and as such many students, male and female, attended wearing the hall manager’s preferred neck wear.McHugh, who attended Exeter College (matriculating in 1975), said he intends to do very little in his retirement. “I have some trips abroad planned, but other than that I think I’ll just relax and listen to some cricket on the wireless.”He will also return to Keble on occasion to host his quiz nights, planning one for Freshers’ Week. As the new JCR President, Sean Ford, said, “Gerard has made a fantastic contribution to college life, but his retirement is not the end. Gerard will still be returning for the quizzes, hopefully for years to come.”Despite being an Exeter alumnus, McHugh waxed lyrical about his time at Keble. When asked for his favourite memories, he explained, “From the minute I walked in, in 2002, I’ve been made to feel so welcome, so part of the place, it’s just been a delight. I can’t think of anything particular, except for maybe last Friday when you all made that big fuss!”The ‘big fuss’ refers to the several minutes of applause and cheering that followed Newton’s short speech of farewell and thanks at Summer Hall. One student even knocked over a lamp in his enthusiasm, having stood up to toast the popular hall manager.Despite several assertions to the contrary by Keble students, McHugh expects Keble to manage very well without him in the coming years. “It will cope perfectly well. It got along for 132 years without me after all!”last_img