Two Paths For America: The Case For Trump

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Two Paths For America:The Case For TrumpBy Richard Moss MDWe are at the threshold of a monumental election, with the nation poised to move in two very different directions.   One path, under Hillary Clinton, leads towards the dismal socialist lowlands of Europe, the increasing centralization of power in government, and rejection of our history, traditions, and founding principles.  This path is already well trod, with the last 8 years under President Barack Obama a marked acceleration of the same process well already underway for more than a hundred years.  It falls under the banner of the so-called “progressive” movement, a real misnomer, for it is more aptly thought of as regressive movement, given its pre-industrial, pre-Enlightenment orientation and habits.  It can also be thought of as Marxism, Communism, or Socialism, recognizing the many variants and shades that leftism provides, all of them destructive, many of them through history, lethal.The other path, under Donald Trump, leads towards the light of liberty, individual rights, free market capitalism, our founding, and the Constitution.  The American ethos and system that was forged with the birth of the nation has led to unprecedented wealth and prosperity for Americans.  That system has been under assault by the progressive-regressive movement for more than a century, and never more so than now.The Democrat Party and its avatar Hillary Clinton is in conflict with our history and culture, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and our moral and religious underpinnings, in particular, the Judeo-Christian tradition.  They are also at war with our demographics and have been eagerly transforming it.  Incapable of convincing Americans of their ideology of poverty, they have chosen another tact, which has been to replace the electorate through immigration both legal and illegal.Hillary will build on the lawless legacy of President Barack Obama, a man who has remained firmly grounded in his anti-Western, anti-American upbringing and has used his 8 years to divide the country and undermine our most cherished institutions.Trump, on the other hand, is a candidate who, however flawed and boorish, unabashedly loves his country, its history, accomplishments, and traditions.  He believes in American exceptionalism and greatness as many Americans still do.  He will fight to restore its free market economy, its military, culture, and rule of law.  He will endeavor, as he says, to make America great again.Trump brings considerable talents to the office, a background of business success, including retail, hospitality and leisure, media, TV, and, of course, real estate and construction.  He is a man not bound by the constraints of political correctness, this, perhaps, his most distinguishing feature.  PC, the thought and language policing that occurs on our campuses and schools, and in our media is a gateway to tyranny.  It includes the aggressive tactics of the social justice thugs that seek to destroy careers and silence dissent when “improper” opinions outside the PC lexicon are raised, our Sovietized government media complex, and the corrupt collusion between the media and Democrats.  It calls out for someone like Trump to expose and defeat it, and end the assault on our 1st Amendment free speech rights.Trump admires our Police, the FBI and CIA, and our military.  He respects our coal miners, oil workers, and construction workers and speaks their language.  He will talk up America instead of condemning it.  What a breath of fresh air this will be after 8 years of Obama.Trump would challenge the Establishment, the ruling One-Party Oligarchy in Washington, the broken system that is bankrupting the nation, imposing burdens on future generations, and sacrificing the country for short term political gain.  He will expose and uproot the Deep State, the army of lobbyists, bureaucrats, special interests, and career politicians that have done so much damage to the country.  Further, Trump has espoused conservative principles and policies that place him to the right of either John McCain or Mitt Romney, the 2008 and 2012 Republican candidates.Trump, for example, will pursue school choice initiatives to break the teachers unions and end the government monopoly on the education of our children.  He would end Common Core.  He is pro life and would seek to undo the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision and throw the matter back to the states where it belongs.  He will reduce the size of the federal bureaucracy and its onerous regulations, including the EPA and the FDA among many others.  He will repeal and replace Obamacare with pragmatic, free market reforms including expanding Health Savings Accounts, buying insurance across state lines, and premium support.  He will lower taxes including the corporate tax rate, one of the highest in the developed world and repatriate trillions of dollars trapped overseas.  He will build a wall and end illegal immigration.  He opposes amnesty.  He will go after those who overstay their visas.  Trump will deport illegal alien criminals.  He will end the disastrous family reunification/chain migration of predominately third world immigrants who bring little to our advanced economy, burden our welfare system, and create large numbers of Democrat voters.  Trump will restore the military and abolish the “sequester,” necessary at a time when our military is squeezed and the world far more dangerous after 8 years of Obama and Hillary.  He endorses Congressional term limits, which would be the single most significant reform to end the corruption, cronyism and growth of government in Washington.  He supports local police and law and order. He has given a list of Supreme Court picks all of which are known conservatives and infinitely better than the ideologic leftists Hillary would choose.Most important, he is not a committed ideologic leftist like Hillary who would expand the power of the federal government, undermine our Constitutional System, and attack our culture and critical institutions.Trump clearly loves his country and does not want to fundamentally transform it.  Perhaps the best thing we can say about him is that he is not Hillary Clinton.  Under Hillary will come increasing socialism, poverty, corruption, and tyranny.  Under Trump the nation may thrive once more.However imperfect a candidate, Trump is the moral and principled choice for conservatives, Republicans, moderate Democrats, working class voters, and Independents who love their country.  He is the vehicle for stopping Hillary.  Trump will be a non-PC firebrand who will attack the status-quo, the media, special interests, and the One Party Oligarchy.  He will begin the process of “draining the swamp,” and dismantling that most corrupt of cities, Washington DC.  The nation needs him.  Choose Trump for Life.November 6, 2016Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN.  He recently lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 8th district. 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