first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer was distressed today to learn of the near downtown shooting that left a person dead in the middle of the 800 block of East Gum Street?…as many as 5 shots were reported to have been fired in broad daylight at high noon all close enough to downtown Evansville to have been heard?…one man went to jail to await trial for what is most likely a first degree murder charge and another one was hauled to the morgue?…this particular block has particularly good memories for this writer since Mother (Maude) Caldwell lived near there and I spent many days helping her out with little problems on her home?…afterward she would sit and talk for hours about her late husband the Reverend Caldwell so much that I almost felt like I knew him too?…it was a great day on her 100th birthday to be part of her gathering of family and friends where yours truly was served the first piece of her cake?…It was a sad day when Mother Caldwell passed away but today’s state of things would have distressed her very much?…it is a good day to reflect on one of the kindest people who ever lived on East Gum Street in Evansville, Indiana yet today’s murder is a reminder of how much Evansville has slipped into violence?…we need more people like Mother Caldwell to stabilize neighborhoods that have fallen victim to street violence?…RIP Mother Caldwell, you are fondly remembered?IS IT TRUE that we are wondering along with others when the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation will start having the first day of school in July so as to bake the daylights out of the students and teachers?…the only real winner when school starts in the dog days of summer is Vectren who are right there measuring every kilowatt hour used to cool down the schools and bill the EVSC at the highest rate in Indiana to keep our little darlings from nodding off to sleep in the classroom?…we wonder if it would be so difficult to go back to a starting date right after Labor Day and an ending date of Memorial Day for the public school system?IS IT TRUE that it was sad to see the dinosaur from the CMOE (Children’s Museum of Evansville) go to join the monkeys from the Mesker Zoo monkey boat as popular items that have fallen from favor and decommissioned so that something newer and less interesting can replace them at great cost?…there are very few memorable icons in downtown Evansville and the CMOE dinosaur was one?…we think there may be a tribe of monkeys riding the dinosaur now?IS IT TRUE that we are glad that the City County Observer still has an edge on national stories with local relevance?…our old pal Jon Webb finally got around to posting an article about the study by the McKinsey Global Institute about the coming impact of automation on today’s jobs?…as we pointed out last week, cities like Evansville that are overly dependent on manufacturing, retail, and fast food for employment opportunities are about to get smacked in the mouth in a most painful way?…a word to the wise should be sufficient but we don’t think it will be?IS IT TRUE that yesterday the Vanderburgh County Commission made an outstanding appointment to the Vanderburgh County Levee Board? …they appointed the popular licensed Ohio River Boat Capitan, Katie Riecken Parker to the Levee Board?  …we congratulate all three County Commissions for making this outstanding appointment to this important County Board?Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Government shouldn’t do for people what they should do for themselves?Please take time and read our articles entitled “STATEHOUSE Files, CHANNEL 44 NEWS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, READERS POLL, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS”.  You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us [email protected]: City-County Observer Comment Policy.  Be kind to people. No personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated and shall be removed from our site.We understand that sometimes people don’t always agree and discussions may become a little heated.  The use of offensive language, insults against commenters will not be tolerated and will be removed from our site.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img