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Trackers wrap up regular season with win over Thunder

first_imgDAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The N.E. B.C. and Yukon Trackers were on the ice for three games this weekend. Friday and Saturday they were in Chetwynd for an exhibition double header against the Prince George Tier 1 Cougars, and Sunday they played in their final regular season game against the Big Lakes Thunder.On Friday things didn’t quite go the Trackers way as they fell 6-3, however they responded well on Saturday with a 2-1 win over the Cougars.The club’s final regular season game put a bow on a strong February as they had an easy time with the Thunder after an 8-3 win.- Advertisement -N.E. B.C. opened the scoring early in the first but the teams were tied at one after the first period.Late in the second the Trackers and Thunder were tied at three, but a late goal with 1:58 left put N.E. B.C. up one heading to the intermission.The timing of the goal sparked the Trackers over the final 20 minutes. They scored four times, including three markers in a span of just over four minutes to round out the scoring.Advertisement Scoring for the Trackers on Sunday were Kaine Comin, Keenan Halverson, Jeridyn Loewen, Tanner Hansen (2), Gary Loewen, Robert Young, and Griffin Young.Unfortunately for the team due to a restructuring by Hockey Alberta in their playoff format, the Trackers will not be able to compete in the NAMHL playoffs. Their season is not over however as they’ll be in Comox for provincials March 13-17.last_img read more

Government must give clarity to Agri-sector ahead of Brexit – McConalogue

first_imgDeputy Charlie McConalogue has criticised government efforts after it was announced lairage capacity near Cherbourg Port, France has been increased to hold an additional 400 animals.The Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Agriculture said it is alarming the Minister for Agriculture has welcomed this increase as it does not go near enough to ensuring Irish farmers are in a position to export dairy bull calves.He said “We are at the peak of the export season, yet little seems to be done by government to aide those in the industry. The farming community is crying out for additional capacity for exporting their produce but this has not materialised. “I understand there is room for even more lairage capacity in Cherbourg, up to 600 additional spaces according to some estimates. Robust efforts from government on behalf of the Agri-sector is needed to have this expanded.“The beef sector is in crisis. The ongoing export issues combined with the news of tariffs on exports to the UK from the Republic have caused great anxiety in the sector. The Minister must give assurances to the farming community as we navigate the next number of weeks post Brexit,” concluded Deputy McConalogue.Government must give clarity to Agri-sector ahead of Brexit – McConalogue was last modified: March 14th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

New Book Reveals China’s Cambrian Explosion

first_imgNature July 221 has a book review about the first volume in English of the Chengjiang biota of China, where tens of thousands of soft-bodied organisms are preserved in early Cambrian strata.  The book, The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China: The Flowering of Early Animal Life by Xian-Guang Hou et al., is praised by reviewer Zhe-Xi Luo, who puts a positive spin on the problem of the Cambrian explosion:These beautiful and unique fossils have inspired new scientific insights and led to the clashing of ideas.  There is a great debate on the likely positions of Chengjiang animals such as the yunnanozoans in the deuterostome family tree.  Such debates will surely redefine the phylogenetic framework for establishing the earliest evolution of key features of chordates….….it also provides an update on the fast-paced attempts to decipher the full evolutionary significance of this palaeontological treasure…..….The early animal fossil record, however incomplete, can tell us about the early diversification of major animal lineages, a hot topic for molecular evolutionary studies, especially with regard to the timing of early animal evolution.  The Chengjiang fossils are the best source of evidence about the emergence of animal body plans, and have attracted interest from students of evolutionary development….….the Early Cambrian sea of Chengjiang really is a cradle of early chordate evolution.In the film Icons of Evolution, paleontologists onsite at the Chengjiang beds demonstrate that while soft-bodied fossils appear in the early Cambrian beds, including items as delicate as sponge embryos, no fossils appear in the preCambrian beds just below them, even though conditions were suitable for preservation.  The paleontologists also explain that all the phyla appear abruptly in the Cambrian beds.  Biodiversity actually decreases in the higher layers, contrary to the predictions of Darwin’s tree of life diagram.    In the same issue, Andrew B. Smith2 comments on a fossil found in the same Chengjiang beds by D. -G. Shu and Simon Conway Morris et al.3 that they claim is a primitive echinoderm.  The phylogeny of echinoderms, which includes starfish and sea urchins, has long been a puzzle.  “If correct” about this fossil claimed to be 520 million years old, he asserts, “this links the echinoderms to an enigmatic group, the vetulicolians, remains of which are found in the same deposits of early Cambrian age.”  Making the connection with this enigmatic group poses a major difficulty, he says, “because of the difficulty of interpreting even their basic anatomical organization.”  Although echinoderms are placed within the deuterostomes (a “very diverse group” of animals with a mouth and anus which includes all the vertebrates), “in terms of morphology echinoderms have always stood apart because of their aberrant symmetry and lack of structures known as gill slits” unique to deuterostomes.  Starfish, with their five-fold symmetry radiating from a center, don’t fit the pattern of other deuterostomes.  Smith seems to remain unconvinced of the connection at this point:There is now direct fossil evidence that all of the major deuterostome groups were established by about 520 million years ago.  Fossil vertebrates (yunnanozoans), tunicates (Shankouclava) and both asymmetric and radiate echinoderms (homalozoans, helicoplacoids) have all now been discovered in early Cambrian deposits.  Phlogites, a tentacle-bearing early Cambrian fossil of uncertain affinity, might even be a hemichordate or part of the common ancestral lineage of echinoderms and hemichordates.  So, if deuterostome divergence occurred around 575 million years ago, as recent molecular-clock studies suggest, there is a 50-million-year gap in the fossil record between the origin of deuterostomes and their appearance in the fossil record.  In the jigsaw of deuterostome evolution, vetulocystids represent another piece to be fitted into a puzzle where many of the pieces are still missing.1Zhe-Xi Luo, “A window on early animal evolution,” Nature 430, 405 (22 July 2004); doi:10.1038/430405a.2Andrew B. Smith, “Paleontology: Echinoderm roots,” Nature 430, 411 – 412 (22 July 2004); doi:10.1038/430411a.3Shu, D. -G., Conway Morris, S., Han, J., Zhang, Z. -F. & Liu, J. -N. Nature 430, 422�428 (2004).The spinmeisters of the Darwin Party, like this book reviewer, sound for all the world like a Stalinist explaining the benefits of the new Five-Year Plan.  Smith seems to be saying “not so fast” as he owns up to the mystery of the Cambrian explosion: all the major groups of animals, including vertebrates, appear suddenly in the early Cambrian without ancestors.  Think of all the changes that must take place to turn an organism with bilateral symmetry into one with pentaradiate symmetry like a starfish.  The first uncontested fossil echinoderm is already a full-fledged echinoderm.  Why is this so puzzling?  It’s only a puzzle if you’re trying to draw a mythical tree between the dots that is only a figment of philosophical imagination.For an excellent overview of the Cambrian explosion and the challenge it poses to Darwinian evolution, see The Cambrian Explosion: Biology’s Big Bang by Meyer, Ross, Nelson and Chien (12/01/2003) available online at the Discovery Institute.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Sugar Man wins best documentary Oscar

first_img25 February 2013The documentary Searching for Sugar Man, the chronicle of a forgotten musician and his rediscovery, has bagged the Academy Award for Best Documentary.The 85th Academy Awards took place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday, with host Seth MacFarlane.The other nominees in the Best Documentary category were 5 Broken Cameras, The Gatekeepers, How to Survive a Plague and The Invisible War.While accepting the award, which was presented by filmmaker Ben Affleck, producer Simon Chinn told the Oscars audience that Rodriguez was not there to accept the award because he did not want to take any of the credit for the film.“That just about says everything about that man and his story that you want to know,” he said – before being unceremoniously played off the stage.Voting in the documentary category was overhauled this year to limit the nomination of obscure films, and ensure that a larger group of documentary filmmakers winnowed the nominees.The film, directed by Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul, follows the efforts of two fans from Cape Town to find Rodriguez.The Mexican-American singer, obscure in his own country, knew nothing of his extraordinary fame in South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s. Rumour and speculation was rife regarding his disappearance from the music scene, with many believing he had committed suicide on stage.Rodriguez was first “discovered” in a Detroit bar in 1968. His debut album, Cold Fact, was a commercial flop in the United States. But a bootleg copy made its way to South Africa in the early 1970s and became an instant success with people variously opposed to, or out of tune with, the apartheid regime.“In typical response, the reactionary government banned the record, ensuring no radio play, which only served to further fuel its cult status,” it says on the Sugar Man website.“Over the next two decades, Rodriguez became a household name in the country and Cold Fact went platinum.”Much of the movie was filmed in Cape Town, and the city’s tourism chief executive officer, Mariette Du Toit-Helmbold, says: “The documentary is a great showcase of Cape Town’s most iconic landmarks like Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Camps Bay, the cityscape and the ocean road alongside the Twelve Apostles.“Viewers are transported to a beautiful Cape Town – a city where inspirational and soulful people work and play. Searching for Sugar Man is putting Cape Town firmly in the hearts and minds of filmgoers across the world.”Released in 2012, the film won Best Documentary at the 2013 Bafta awards, as well as critical acclaim with the Special Jury Prize and the Audience Award for Best International Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival 2012.This article was first published by the Gauteng Film Commission. Republished on SAinfo with kind permission.last_img read more

Chelsea Jones Accessories – 21st Birthday Tiara

first_imgBought for my friend’s 21st & she completely beloved it. Thanks for the sweets in the package. Obtained for my friend’s 21st & she definitely cherished it. Many thanks for the sweets in the offer also 🙂 extremely content with the order and shipment time.Genuinely superior and received very speedily.So pleased this was every little bit as excellent as i hoped and additional.21st Birthday TiaraPurchased for my friend’s 21st & she absolutely loved it. Thanks for the sweets in the package was comfortable. Would recommendSo pleased with this itemA must for the diva celebrating her 21stDaughter loved it. crystal /diamante are lovely as well Crystal /diamante are attractive as very well. Crystal /diamante are attractive as well.A should for the diva celebrating her 21st. Got one as a surprise for her 21st party.Features of Chelsea Jones Accessories – Crystal/ Diamante 21st Birthday TiaraChelsea Jones Accessories – Crystal/ Diamante 21st Birthday TiaraSilver Plated Metal Tiara with Crystal Diamante Stones showing a centralDia. Approx. 14 cmHeight Approx. 4. 5 cmCharming tiara and my daughter was delighted with it. Didn’t don it substantially but a charming souvenir.A bit things, imagined i was heading to crack it to put it on my head, but it failed to, was comfy.Packed properly and fantastic good quality- my only mistake was not examining the dimensions- it’s really tiny.Much better high quality than i was anticipating, hope i get a single for my 21st.And will treasure it for ever.Terrific – wanted this for my daughter’s 21st – arrived quite quick, would advise this products to many others. Designed healthy for a queen/princess – crystal & diamante incredibly exquisite.Whilst made of plastic it looks incredibly good.Better excellent than ii while actual really.Very delighted,appears to be attractive ,far better than pic and a pleasant souvenir way too.Introduced this for my daughter appeared attractive on her, good high quality and a good keepsake for her.Purchased it quite late for my girlfriend’s birthday, but the shipping and delivery was incredibly rapid and built it on time. Attractive end and a gorgeous tiara, ideally she will like it.Appears gorgeous, not tacky at all.I was informed the tiara would arrive concerning selected dates and the later was soon after my daughters 21st so i emailed and asked if i could get i by the twenty fourth and they quite kindly got it to me 2 days just before. I was attractive and daughter was truly happy.Seemed wonderful, and was great value for funds, would reccomend.Excellent x really excellent excellent, really pleased with my purchase. Amazing packaging and rapid shipping thanks +++++++.last_img read more

grey chiffon flower and feather fascinator on comb – Beautiful fascinator

first_imgGreat item and comb truly holds in tightly. Colour is tiny shade darker than envisioned but is nevertheless appropriate. Shipping and delivery was pretty swift arriving effectively in time and just before instructed delivery day. Fantastic merchandise and service from corporation.This is an absolutely wonderful fascinator, pretty light-weight and delicate. The silvery blue color would go with lots of different coloured outfits. It is attached to a comb, which is lined in matching silver ribbon, so it blends in with the fascinator. An wonderful cost for this charming product.Features of Silver grey chiffon flower and feather fascinator on comb. Ideal for weddings, races or other special occasions.Chiffon flower and feather fascinatorSilver grey colourwayPolyesterSet on 7cm clear combOverall size of item is approx. 15cm excluding feathersIdeal for a wedding or special occasionI could not feel how properly this appears to be for the price tag i paid out. It was particularly what i necessary for my sister in law’s marriage. I was very delighted as the typical retail selling price can be so much much more and you run the hazard of somebody else obtaining the exact a person.Wasn’t confident about this when i purchased it, they by no means appear the exact same, but this has exceeded my expectations, so quite and value each individual penny, so glad i bought it. . How extensive it lasts even though is anyone’s guess :-).I would want a clip to a comb, but can be transferred.The photograph provides a genuine picture both in detail and color. I was worried that it would not match my silver grey dress,but the guarantee of a total refund if returned in first unopened packaging gave me sufficient to get with assurance, being aware of that i could return it, if the color was not the ideal shade. The structure detail is also effectively offered, the roll-more than impression was a terrific support in examining the structure which was real to picture. It arrived in its very own cellophane box which was enclosed in a cardboard box, so it was effectively guarded. The fascinator is mounted on a comb which sits firmly on my head even with possessing small hair. The selling price was really superior value for funds.This was just one of 2 fascinators i bought as i was not confident if the blue a person i purchased would be the appropriate shade to match my gown ( it was). I made the decision on grey as my shoes and clutch bag were being silver and this would match them. Pretty pleased with it – really and considerably a great deal cheaper than these discovered in my community office keep.This product or service is good worth for cash even with submit and packing. , i would absolutely recommend it.Acquired this in eco-friendly for a wedding ceremony overseas. It was a quite quite colour and so light-weight to use, which was pretty significant to me. I hope i will have the possibility to don it again and would buy other colours for the long term.This was worn to a marriage ceremony shortly following i gained it. . I had some quite good reviews about it from other company.I was heading to a marriage ceremony and bought a gorgeous hat. Simply because the hat was simple i wished one thing to make it just that minimal little bit extra special. I utilized the fascinator to boost the hat and was pretty delighted with the consequence.I will recommed the internet site to all of my buddies. As they say it seems to be charming.Beautiful & excellent cost. Shipping and delivery brief, excellent dimensions & wonderful price tag. Comb was broken when obtained but can however be worn n not truly worth returning when acquired for this value.I bought this for my daughter’s wedding. Its beautiful and will go with my outfit perfectly as i really don’t wear hats they do not fit me. My only reservation was the feathers were a bit bent and raveled when i received it out of its limited box. Assume far more care could have absent into its packing as its for a special occasion.Awesome price for dollars and accurately the suitable color, i experienced been not able to discover in other places. This minor fascinator is flying with me to new york to my son’s wedding day.Looked attractive and went beautifully with my outfit and the colour scheme of the. Requested this for convey shipping as my tries to make a fascinator to use for my son’s marriage ceremony failed miserably. I was incredibly anxious that it would not arrive in time and i would have very little to don on my head. Having said that, it arrived after a couple of times and was specifically what i wanted. 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I purchased this to have on to a marriage ceremony very last weekend, definitely lightweight and cozy to don. The flower is connected to a comb which can make it genuinely quick to put on. I experienced so many compliments about it, in actuality a person of the guests explained she was tempted to steal it out of my hair (she was joking).Silver grey chiffon fascinator. My spouse is thrilled with this fascinator which she required for my grand daughters wedding ceremony in august and it seems fantastic.This is outstanding value for money. I wore it to a new marriage ceremony. It was quick to put in put and appeared great with my outfit.Beautiful fascinatorSilver Grey Fascinatorfantastic for the priceLooked lovely and went beautifully with my outfit and the colour scheme of the silver grey chiffon fascinatorsilver grey fascinatorlast_img read more

Tips for bigger berry production at workshop

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Small-fruit researchers with College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University will offer a workshop May 25 on a production method that results in larger, sweeter strawberries and can help growers extend the harvest season by weeks.Called plasticulture strawberry production, the method is an increasingly popular technique in which strawberries are planted in September and grown over the winter using plastic to keep the soil warm and suppress weed growth, said Brad Bergefurd, a horticulturist with Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.The method results in larger, sweeter berries during an earlier harvest period, according to the results of an OSU Extension research trial conducted by Bergefurd, who is based at The Ohio State University South Centers in Piketon.The workshop, which will be hosted by Bergefurd, will include discussion on:* Winter protection techniques.* Israeli drip irrigation demonstration and management.* Fertigation and nitrogen management.* Row cover management.* June-bearing, day-neutral, ever-bearing cultivar evaluations.* Pest and disease control.* Integrated pest management (IPM) techniques.* Petiole sap analysis demonstration.The workshop is 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at OSU South Centers, 1864 Shyville Road, in Piketon. Registration is $20, which includes a light meal and educational handouts.For registration, contact Charissa Gardner at 740-289-2071, ext. 132. The deadline to register is May 23.last_img read more

You Are Manifesting Your Negative Beliefs

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now What you believe has a way of manifesting itself in your life.If you believe that cold calling sucks, that it’s miserable work, that it no longer works, and that it is a waste of your time, that belief will become your reality. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t true, and it doesn’t matter that countless salespeople are winning multi-million dollar deals using the phone.You don’t have to believe the opposite. There is an intermediate step you might take. You might try on the belief that cold calling is an acquired skill, that the reason you don’t like it is that you lack that skill, and that by working to change yourself you can change the results you produce through this one effective way of prospecting.Maybe you hold the disempowering belief that selling sucks. You might decide to frame the fact that some prospective clients aren’t interested as too many vendors calling on too few targets (there is some truth to that, I admit), and you might choose to believe that the only people winning are doing so unfairly, that they are doing something illegal or immoral. If you hold these beliefs, I promise you will stack up hundreds of points of evidence to prove your case. But that evidence won’t result in new business.Selling isn’t getting any easier, and it isn’t for the feint of heart. You need real chops in the way of business acumen and situational knowledge. You need confidence in your ability to make a difference. You need the right language to resolve the concerns you hear form your prospects in a way that allows them to say yes.You won’t change the outcomes you are getting in sales (or anything else in life) without first changing your underlying beliefs. If your underlying beliefs are negative, they are automatically disempowering. If your underlying belief is that you are a victim, that “they” are responsible for your results, you won’t do what is necessary to improve.If you want a change in your results, first explore your beliefs. Identify your negative beliefs and work to shed them.Replace your negative beliefs with positive, empowering beliefs.Recognize that your beliefs are what drive your actions, and your actions are what drive your results.Here is the rub, even if you take action in spite of your negative beliefs, your negativity betrays you and you still get poor results.QuestionsWhat negative beliefs do you hold? Think of something you don’t enjoy? What do you believe about it?What negative beliefs have you swapped for positive, empowering beliefs?What disempowering beliefs do you need to shed now?last_img read more

Ind vs WI 2nd Test: Laxman, Darvid put India in command

first_imgSenior pros VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid struck half centuries as India ended the fourth day’s play at 229 for three in the second Test match against the West Indies being played at the Kensington Oval thereby extending their overall lead to 240 runs. Score | PhotosAt stumps, Laxman (72 batting, 171 balls, 6×4) having scored his second 50 of the match was batting in company of Virat Kohli (26 batting, 98 balls, 1×4, 1×6) having added 75 runs for the undefeated fourth wicket partnership. Dravid scored a slow 55 (171 balls, 3×4) while Abhinav Mukund (48, 6×4) was unlucky to miss out on his maiden Test half century.However almost all the Indian batsmen employed a sedate approach as the visitors could only manage 206 runs in a whole day’s play that saw 83.2 overs being sent down by the Caribbean bowlers.It will be interesting to find out as to when Mahendra Singh Dhoni decides to declare so that he can give his bowlers enough chance to take 10 wickets.India are 1-0 up in the series having clinched the first Test in Jamaica by 63 runs last week.Dravid and Laxman themselves put on 65 runs for the fourth wicket but it was their presence that helped two young Indian batsmen to play confidently.Both Mukund and Kohli played their first substantial innings of the tour as India produced 62, 65 and 75 runs for second, third and fourth wickets respectively.The day began ominously for the Indians who once again lost opener Murali Vijay (3) early as he edged a Ravi Rampaul delivery behind the stumps.advertisementVijay now has scores of 8,0, 11 and 3 from the series and would be very lucky if he manages to retain his berth in the final Test in Dominica (July 6-10). In fact it seems that he has blown away the chance to make it to the squad for England.India didn’t find the going particularly good thereafter though Mukund grew in assurance with every passing minute in the middle.Most of the concerns, strangely, revolved around Dravid who unusually struggled on a bouncy pitch and lived dangerously.He was also at the centre of an umpiring controversy when he flicked Darren Sammy to midwicket region and fielder Adrian Barath made a tumbling scoop to claim a catch.Several replays and after a five-minute hold up, the claim was rejected and Dravid, then on 10, could continue his innings. It was the 17th over of the innings, the 12th of the morning session with the visitors’ score reading 47 for 1.Even after the two umpires, Ian Gould and Asad Rauf, had resumed their positions, and the fielders and bowlers were back in their place, the third umpire Gregory Brathwaite kept lingering over the decision before ruling it in batsman’s favour.Mukund and Dravid then held steadfast to guide India to 62 for 1 from the session which duly lost an hour due to rain as has been the norm in this Test.The elegance of young Mukund was much in evidence as he always got behind the line of the delivery and played a few pleasing strokes down the ground. But for one occasion when a Fidel Edwards bouncer hit him on the helmet, the left-hander was usually in control. Mukund’s one stroke, a glorious cover drive off Darren Sammy, stood out from the morning session’s play.The southpaw fell after lunch, just two runs shy of his maiden half century, when he rose on his heels to an Edwards bouncer which still took his gloves on way to the wicketkeeper.Mukund batted for 153 minutes and hit six fours from the 81 balls he faced. He was a picture of dejection as he walked back to pavilion.Dravid now had his long-stand partner Laxman at the other end who withstood all that West Indies could muster from its four-pronged attack. Both took India to tea without any further loss at 143 for 2.Dravid fell in an uncharacteristic manner post-tea when he slashed at a rising delivery from Edwards and was puched by Ramnaresh Sarwan at first slip.The veteran batsmen batted for 221 minutes, faced 171 balls and hit three fours, two of which were steers past the slip cordon.Dravid’s departure brought the sparse crowd on its feet as they anticipated Edwards to make short work of Virat Kohli once again.The fielders began crouching around the bat and Kohli once nearly played into the hands of forward short leg as well but West Indies didn’t get the breakthrough they were looking.Kohli held firm even as runs were not coming and opened his score in pulled six off Edwards?even though it took 22 balls in coming.advertisementLaxman batted without a worry at the other end, going past Sir Garfield Sobers’ run aggregate of 8032 runs on the home ground of the most talented all-round cricketer the world has ever seen. Laxman was unfazed by anything the West Indies could throw at him, hooking Edwards in front of square leg for a boundary and then essaying a classic on-drive off Darren Sammy which gathered pace and hit the pickets despite a heavy outfield.A hapless West Indian team decided against taking the second new ball as both its premier fast bowlers, Edwards and Rampaul, were exhausted by a long day’s exertions.Rain did intervene during the day but not in the manner it had on two previous days. An hour was lopped off due to rain in the morning and then the middle session could begin after a 10-minute delay.- With inputs from PTIlast_img read more

12 days agoMislintat: Arsenal striker Aubameyang too selfless to play for elite club

first_imgMislintat: Arsenal striker Aubameyang too selfless to play for elite clubby Paul Vegas12 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveStuttgart chief Sven Mislintat says Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is too selfless to play for an elite club.Aubameyang has been linked with Real Madrid and Barcelona throughout his career.But former Gunners scout Mislintat, who signed the striker from Borussia Dortmund, was quoted by The Athletic saying: “He is one, maybe the only one, this exceptional top striker, who is an absolute team player.”Perhaps this attitude cost him the opportunity to play for clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona.”A striker like Neymar or (Sergio) Aguero, for example, would never give up a penalty. I like his attitude. He is good for the team atmosphere.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more