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first_imgKevin Cassidy has sensationally claimed that Jim McGuinness’s ‘tunnel vision’ cost Donegal the opportunity to win more All-Irelands.Kevin Cassidy has risked the wrath of Donegal GAA supporters by claiming Jim McGuinness COST Donegal more All-Ireland titles.Cassidy believes some of the decisions McGuinness made and some of the stances he took, ultimately hurt Donegal and cost them the opportunity to win more All-Ireland titles.He accused McGuinness of having tunnel vision and feels the fall-out Rory Gallagher and the departure of Mark McHugh from the squad could’ve been handled a whole lot better. In his Gaelic Life column Cassidy said, “Some will say that surely this must be a strength but, in the modern game, everything cannot always be black and white.“Situations and events will arise and you must show compassion and deal with individuals differently.“Leaving my own situation aside, I feel that the fall-out with Rory Gallagher (former assistant manager) and the loss of Mark McHugh could have been deal with a lot better.“I do feel that decisions and stances he took denied Donegal the opportunity to win one if not two more All Irelands. CASSIDY -“DECISIONS MCGUINNESS MADE COST US MORE ALL-IRELANDS” was last modified: October 10th, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:All-IrelandsGAAgaelic lifeJim McGuinnessKevin CassidynewsSportTunnel Visionlast_img read more

The basics of phosphorous in sensitive watersheds

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Phosphorous (P) is a primary plant nutrient. It stimulates root, flower, fruit development and overall crop maturity. P is necessary for energy transfer and the formation of RNA and DNA. Most plants require additional phosphorous during cold weather, in areas of limited root growth, during rapid vegetative growth, and since phosphorus is very reactive, in highly calcareous or acid soils because of tie-up with other elements such as calcium or, in the case of acid soils, aluminum and iron.Because phosphorus is reactive, it quickly forms compounds with other elements in the soil. Therefore, phosphorous has been thought of as immobile, and not leachable. However, it is being discovered that P does move, at least through macro pores, wormholes and cracks, as well as possibly making its way to drainage tiles and ditches.Two forms of P can leave the field: Soluble phosphorous is lost with water runoff; insoluble (or particulate) phosphorous is lost with erosion. The insoluble form of P is complexed with soil minerals, and while it is not as available as soluble P, this form of phosphorous can be released slowly in water. Then, just as any nutrient, phosphorus begins moving from higher areas to lower areas and ends up in bodies of water.“Keeping P in the right place » means placing it where the plant can most readily access it, in the most efficient manner. The best way to keep phosphorous in the field is placing it below the surface. In order for a plant to benefit from applied phosphorus, the nutrient needs to be kept in the growing environment. The above-mentioned management practices provide the best opportunity for the plant to utilize the nutrient and prevent off target movement.Obviously, phosphorous has been demonstrated to play a role in algae and water plant growth. Despite the best efforts of farmers, heavy rains can and do occur when the field is most vulnerable, washing away both valuable topsoil and applied fertilizer or manure. Most producers have adopted management practices, such as no-till or reduced till, to keep residue on the field, which will in turn function as a filter to keep soil on the fields. The farmer is the first to suffer from lost nutrients because the economic impact to replacing nutrients can impact profitability.In snowmelt studies, there are large spikes of dissolved phosphorous discharge in the spring, diminishing with successive events. These studies demonstrate how important it is to not surface apply P late in the fall, and into the winter. Farmers have often applied phosphorus in the fall because of convenience and because, historically, they have been provided information that stressed that P is immobile. However, newer studies show this management practice leaves soluble P vulnerable to runoff. The same is true of manure applied when the ground is frozen; with spring snowmelt or early rains, soluble mineral P is likely to escape from the field. About 60% of the total phosphorous in manure is inorganic, soluble orthophosphate. While orthophosphate is 100% available to the crop, it is also 100% available to algae and water plants if it makes its way to watersheds.Thus lies the conundrum. Phosphorous is an integral part of crop production. However, algal blooms and media coverage has given agricultural phosphorous use a bad name in recent years. Phosphorus isn’t cheap, so farmers are motivated to keep this nutrient on the field. But the public scrutiny has pushed the issue to the forefront. The perception is that those involved in agriculture don’t care, which couldn’t be more untrue. Everyone is seeking solutions. The motivation may be different, such as keeping the nutrient investment available to a growing crop because that is the only way to get a return on the investment, but in the end, everyone wants the same thing. That is for phosphorus to stay where it is intended rather than moving to unknown destinations.There are a lot of variables that work to move nutrients. It is hard to isolate each piece so that we can find a quick and certain solution. Many improved practices have already been put in place, but the results can’t be determined immediately. However, no one will play ‘wait and see’, the industry continues to take steps to keep all nutrients, including phosphorus, on the growing environment. In the past, producers my have been lulled into believing that phosphorus wouldn’t move, because many publications indicated that was the case. New information, though, is leading to new practices and that will benefit all.last_img read more

We don’t believe we are from two different countries: Bopanna

first_imgThe India-Pakistan connection made them a global talking point at the US Open but Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi do not even consider themselves from two different nations.They were the first India-Pakistan combination to reach a Grand Slam final and their coming together and doing well at a tennis major, generated a huge interest.Even the Ambassadors from the two countries to the United Nations came together to cheer them and it was enough for media to add some political colour to the coverage, considering the two countries have fought three wars since becoming independent.Media coined terms like ‘Indo-Pak Express, Indo-Pak peace pair’ to describe their pairing but Bopanna today said he and Qureshi have never thought about the countries they belong to and their compatibility as individuals was the sole reason behind their partnership.”Qureshi and I got together because we felt that we would make a good doubles team. We know each other for so long and have a great understanding so it only made sense to play together.”We never intended on making any political statement. It is the media who gives us these tags, we never look at each other as being from different countries,” Bopanna told PTI in an interview.Asked that playing with a strong slogan such as “Stop War, Start Tennis” itself was a political statement, Bopanna said them being ambassadors for peace was the sole reason for having that message on their on-court attire.”We are just here to play tennis. We are great friends off the court and are looking to take our careers forward together. Since we are ambassadors for peace we try to spread that message through sports. We are not here to make any political statements,” he insisted. .advertisementThey brought together the two hostile nations to clap, scream and enjoy together and Bopanna said he and Qureshi would love to do more with their partnership.”Well, we want people to trust and respect each other.Sports should never be subject to religion or politics,” he said.Talking about the biggest match of their career, the Indian Davis Cupper said he and Qureshi now have the belief that they are Grand Slam material and could soon even win one.”Earlier we used to win the first set but fall of on the second set and then take the third. But now we want to win big. We focus even harder on the second set, and the entire US Open, the only sets we dropped were in the finals.”Also that we can compete at this level and we know we belong here. We just need to stay focused, work hard and we can win a Grand Slam final.”The runners-up trophy has already earned them a huge bonanza as they are now ranked world number six.”Hopefully, it will lead to many great performances and eventually take us to the No.1 spot in doubles. I am noted as a confidence player, and I am sure that this final, will help me be a more confident player and doing better.”Bopanna could have been only the fourth Indian and Qureshi first Pakistani to win a Grand Slam had they beaten the Bryan brothers — Mike and Bob — in the US Open final.They are little disappointed to miss out on history but still very much satisfied.”We are still working our way towards winning a Grand Slam. Despite the result it was a great achievement to make it to the finals. We were a bit disappointed, but looking back I think that is definitely something to be proud of,” he said.last_img read more

TV for social education is a fraud in India: P.C. Chatterji

first_imgFrom the “republic” Morarji removed the “pub”. And what do we have left? A relic.The Last Letter in SundayThere is an old saying: When you cannot avoid being raped, it is better to relax and enjoy it. The common man is trying to do just that.Kastur Chand Jain in the,From the “republic” Morarji removed the “pub”. And what do we have left? A relic.The Last Letter in SundayThere is an old saying: When you cannot avoid being raped, it is better to relax and enjoy it. The common man is trying to do just that.Kastur Chand Jain in the Letters column in the Indian ExpressI think Mrs Gandhi does not have the capacity to be authoritarian.Janata Party president Chandra Shekhar in New DelhiI am sure if tomorrow there is a landlord agitation or a tycoon agitation the communist parties will support it, as long as it is directed against the Government.Justice Krishna Iyer in SocietyWe have everybody here necessary to make a film – producer, director, cameraman and a leading hero.Rajneesh Ashramite quoted in SuperLaws are not something that God gave… They are not static or unchangeable. If the law is not good it has to be changed.Mrs Indira Gandhi addressing a lawyers’ symposiumI am a champion milker – I milk anybody.Chairman of the National Dairy Development Board, V. Kurien, in The Sunday StandardIf a prostitute were to say that she was a worker, she will be recorded as such and categorised as ‘other worker’.Yogendra Makwana’s answer in the Lok Sabha to a question of whether prostitutes have been indicated as beggars in the present censusThere is every possibility that India may dismember under the inevitable politics of this highly centralised, autocratic power.Romesh Thapar in Business IndiaadvertisementTV for social education is a fraud in India.P.C. Chatterji, former director-general of AIR, in The Illustrated WeeklyA politician is one who is highly specialised in political activity and tends to stress this role above all others.Chetkar Jha in SeminarIf emancipation of Harijans meant their elimination, it would yet take some time.Jagjivan Ram quoted in CurrentGavaskar is a great player but a useless captain… He is arrogant and a bad leader. India has suffered because of him.K.R. Wadhwaney, sports editor Indian Express in Surya IndiaAn autopsy on dead reports will be helpful only if the doctor who is performing it will have the courage to expose.Quark in Sunday ReviewWhenever a man moves into the heart, something in him goes feminine. He becomes more round, more soft, more vulnerable.From the Discourse Series of Rajneesh in Eve’s WeeklyCritics have set ideas about the kind of films they like and those they don’t. The rest of the time they are just showing off their language.Film director Saeed Mirza in Bombay-Compiled by Anita Kaullast_img read more