Akhannouch Refutes Accusations that Hes Obstructs Coalition Government

Rabat – Aziz Akhannouch, newly elected Secretary-General of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), refuted accusations that he has obstructed the formation the coalition government.The National Rally of Independent (RNI) released a communiqué in the November 6 issue of the Moroccan Arabic-language newspaper Al-Alam. The communiqué came in response to the accusations that the party’s newly elected president has attempted obstruct the process of forming the government that Benkirane began on October 10.According to the statement, these accusations came “within a specific context experienced by our country lately” and were made by “certain parties in order to polish their political image and block the way of the deliberations to form the government coalition,” possibly alluding to the Independence Party (PI) and The Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP). “These parties”, continues the statement, “spread lies saying that the party of the National Rally of Independents and its Secretary-General have adopted an approach that contravenes with the community building that Morocco has chosen.”The RNI considers this “unprecedented attack” as a dangerous accusation that is meant to spread the image that the RNI opposes social and developmental reforms “while the party [RNI] has always subscribed, with all its potentials and efforts, to realizing societal and developmental projects that serve the Moroccan citizens.”The RNI seized the opportunity to reiterate its “firm positions in regards to respecting the democratic legitimacy and the reformist path launched by Morocco since the Constitution of 2011.”The communiqué mentions some “honorable positions” at the head of some ministries since it joined the government in 2013, where it “supported the developmental and social projects that Morocco saw during the previous government term.”The statement calls on the party’s “members, sympathizers and Moroccans in general to not be misled by this wave of lies aiming at causing segregation for narrow political machinations.”Edited by Constance Guindon